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Deborah Simpkin King, Artistic Director & Founder

Ember announces its 2017-2018 Season

When the War Is Over

This season Ember explores the presumptions and consequences faced by the people of the world when nations go to war. Loss, remembrance, and reconciliation are grist for the artist’s mill as poets and composers struggle to make sense of conflict.

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Events & Items of Interest


Sponsoring a Veteran

Ember is dedicated to bringing the power of music to bear on issues of social significance. This year, leading to the centennial anniversary of the World War I Armistice (11 November 2018), Ember is exploring the human impact of military conflict.

Without question, the most heart-rending evidence of such impact can be found in the lives of veterans and their families. Learn how Ember is serving as a catalyst for significant conversations and how you may sponsor a veteran during this series of concerts.

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PROJECT : ENCORE® reaches milestone

P:E now has a column in the Choral Journal. A major part of Schola’s New Music Initiative, PROJECT : ENCORE provides a highly visible and accessible platform for post-premiere choral works expertly evaluated for their artistic merit, insightful use of choral forces, and exceptional programmability.


Schola Cantorum on Hudson

Schola Cantorum is home to a host of choral music initiatives. Among them:

  • Expertly-crafted choral performances by Ember, the major choral force within Schola.
  • New Music initiatives such as over two decades of commissions and premieres of the world’s brightest choral composers and PROJECT : ENCORE.
  • Nationally recognized educational outreach for school-age students and programs designed to further the careers of talented young professional conductors.
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