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Recognition of Veterans


Ember is a choral ensemble dedicated to leveraging the compelling power of music to bring visibility to issues of social significance. In this year leading to the centennial anniversary of the World War I Armistice (11 November 2018), Ember is exploring the human impact of military conflict.

Without question, the most heart-rending evidence of such impact is found in the lives of veterans and their families. In addition to seeking to be a catalyst for significant conversations (through the EmberChat podcast and concert programming), Ember is:

Honoring veterans with lapel poppies and recognition in all concerts throughout the year.

Sponsoring a veteran for concert attendance and recognition is possible with a contribution of $25 per veteran ticket. All sponsors will be acknowledged in the concert program. Sponsors of ten or more veterans ($250) are eligible for logo representation on Ember’s web site and a public Facebook expression of gratitude, along with two complementary tickets for the sponsor.